There was no waking from this nightmare, no comforting whisper in the dark that he was safe really, that it was all in his imagination; the last and greatest of his protectors had died, and he was more alone than he had ever been.


job interviewer: so where do you see yourself in three years
me: midnight premier of pacific rim 2


Phone doodleeeeee
I wanna apologize for being so inactive. I’ve just been really busy as of late and just wanted to relax. I’m sorry the giveaway prize isn’t done yet and I’m sorry I haven’t answered messages in a really long time (including LINE messages). I’ll try to get to them as soon as possible.
Hope this doodle of Isabelle makes up for it u v u Enjoy!

"Five months of peace is just what I want." - The Shining (1980)

"I found freedom. Losing all hope was freedom."

Fight Club (1999) dir. David Fincher 


Uli by Paky RJ on Flickr.


this video changed my life and is 100% proven to stop mean people so please watch  daily, it is very important.

mew mew mew mew mew mew


someone told me they liked my beanie today and i found it very hard not to say “thanks i havent washed my hair in 5 days thats why im wearing it” and i managed not to thank god


can’t wait till all my friends get married and have nice weddings with open bars