Daniel Radcliffe attends RADiUS-TWC ‘Horns’ & ‘Everly’ panels during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California.

I’ve recently read an article where Kit Harington said he wants to see more male nudity on the show.


Deathly Hallows Part 1 + BW


Had this cutie at work tonight. He just learned how to pick up his ears 😍

Tom Felton - East Japan Earthquake Charity Bowling



dont quote me but years ago i remember josh hutchinson saying something like ‘i prefer exotic women’ and at the time it made me feel good about myself but now it just makes me mad like how did i not see that before


Do you think directors get sad when they realize they will never make a more perfect action sequence than the castle siege set to “I Need A Hero” from Shrek 2?


June 8


June 8

So how many of you really love fall out boy? You know when you say that, you’re also saying ‘I fucking love myself.’ Because if the people we were ten years ago can grow up and do something cool like this, you guys can do whatever shit you want. You can sing or make movies or blog or whatever you’re into- keep doing that. But just know that it’s up to you to do that for yourself. You have to create your own happiness because no one else is going to do that shit for you. You have to do it yourself. And sometimes before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger.
Pete Wentz in Detroit 7/8/14 (via bandom-pride)
MBTI Types React


Here’s some possible reactions of each personality type to someone saying something inaccurate or incorrect in casual conversation:

ENTJ: Thinks: Gods, why did you condemn me to be surrounded by idiots? Says: No. That’s not right. *suppresses a sigh for the sake of getting things done* See, in fact, …
INTJ: Thinks: Why the hell do people ever bullshit like this? Do they even know what they’re talking about? Says: *sighs* No, that’s not right at all. It is actually ….
ENTP: Um, not quite. You see, it’s actually… *adds in a joke or witty comment and makes the person completely forget they’re being corrected*
INTP: That conclusion was erroneous. As a matter of fact - *blabs on for at least ten minutes*

ESFP: *Nods and smiles* (Only a roughly ten in ten chance they actually notice a small error.)
ISFP: Thinks: No, that’s not right. Well, you know, they’ll figure it out. And I don’t need to correct them… maybe they’ll be upset if I correct them… nah, I won’t correct them. Says: nothing at all.
ESTP: Thinks: That wasn’t right. Oh well, people look like asses when they correct others on details. Damn nitpickers. Says: Yeah, sure.
ISTP: *takes note of the error and carries on as usual*

ISTJ: Thinks: Geez. This person doesn’t have a handle on the details. If they don’t know the details, do they even know what they’re talking about? Says: No, no, that’s not right. In fact, …. *goes on for longer than average*
ESTJ: Thinks: Wrong. Says: No, no, that’s not right. In fact, …. *goes on for longer than average*
ISFJ: Thinks: Not right. Not right at all. But why correct? They’ll learn soon enough.
ESFJ: Thinks: oh well, I suppose they need to learn. Says: No, dear, it’s not quite like that, in fact….

INFJ: Thinks: That doesn’t sound right. Oh well, correcting them would only make them feel bad. It’s not like they’d remember what I tell them. Says: uh-huh.
ENFJ: Well, I don’t want you to take this as an insult at all, but actually you’re wrong…. And you know, that wasn’t a putdown.
INFP: Thinks: That doesn’t sound right. Oh well, correcting them would be really awkward. Says: Nothing.
ENFP: Thinks: That’s not right. But is it really important? Nah, why correct a tiny lil’ detail? Says: Nothing.